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The Sightings page and @Nottsbirders Twitter feed are intended to alert birders to scarcer species that they might be interested in seeing within the County.

Records of more common species are still very important, but should preferably be submitted to the county Recorder Andy Hall. These records will then be added to the Nottinghamshire Birdwatchers data-base, to be included in the monthly Newsletter and Annual Reports.

None of these reports have been verified or checked by the Nottinghamshire Birdwatchers' Records Committee.



Please report your Latest Sightings to: nottsbirders@gmail.com or @NottsBirders on the Twitter feed.

Please remember to submit all sightings to Andy Hall each month, using the Excel spreadsheet that can be downloaded from the Recording page.

Launch of the Birds of Nottinghamshire

On Saturday, 14th December, the new 'Birds of Nottinghamshire' book will be officially launched at the Attenborough Nature Centre. This 608 page publication, which has been 8 years in the making, will be an essential reference for anyone with an interest in the birds of the county.

Nottinghamshire Birdwatchers would like to invite you to the launch - but places are limited to ensure that room capacity isn't exceeded. 40 spaces are available at each of two sessions on the day, the first in the morning (1000-1200) and the second after lunch (1300-1500). Refreshments will be provided, and both session will comprise a talk from the authors followed by a short walk on the reserve, and then a book signing with copies of the book for sale. Note that the book signing is not limited by numbers, so if you are around on the reserve towards the end of either session, and would like to drop in, we'd be delighted to see you. There will also be artwork and photos from the book on display.

To book your place, please go to Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust's website

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Archived Sightings 2001 to 2018

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Species shown in bold Purple on this page are BBRC rarities or species recorded on less than ten occasions in the county. Bold Blue are rare and scarce county birds recorded less than annually that require a description or supporting details for the society’s archive. A full list of these species can be found on the Recording page. Red are species of interest. Bold GREY are unconfirmed sightings or a species of unknown origin.

Saturday 30th November

Netherfield Lagoons - BITTERN [flew over the north-east side of the Slurry Lagoon reedbed at dusk].

Lound [Idle Valley Nature Reserve] - 4 GREAT WHITE EGRET [3 Tiln North, 1 Neatholme Fen], Marsh Harrier [male, Neatholme Scrape], also here leucistic adult BHG, 3 GBBG, 30 Herring Gull, 12 LBBG, Water Rail, 9 Whooper Swan, 19 Pintail [8 drakes], 8 Goosander, Jack Snipe [Tiln North this morning], Kingfisher [by Walters Farm].

Barton in Fabis - 2 Cattle Egret [still present favouring the flooded paddock on the west of the village this morning, viewable from Trentside]; also Whooper Swan [group over calling but not seen in foggy conditions].

Clumber Park - White-fronted Goose [single flew over Hardwick ford at 10.25 moving north-west].

Langford Lowfields - WATER PIPIT [in the north-east corner of Phase Three, this morning]; also Black-tailed Godwit, Marsh Harrier and at least groups of Pink-footed Geese [heard going north-east above the fog].

Jacksdale - Gyr/Saker Falcon [escapee over this afternoon mobbed by 4 crows], also 200 Goldfinch.

Friday 29th November

Attenborough Nature Reserve - Cattle Egret [in the Coneries roost, late afternoon], 55+Goosander [roosted on Clifton Pit, 16:30].

Netherfield Lagoons - 2 BEARDED TIT [male and female, in the Slurry Lagoon reed-bed, this afternoon]; also Green Sandpiper, 2 Chiffchaff.

Nottingham City - 7 Mandarin [5 drakes, on the Nottingham and Beeston canal, 16:30].

Mapperley - 2 Raven [over Mapperley Plains approx 11:00, heading south over the city]; also Pink-footed Geese [skein over, 11:30].

Center Parcs - c.200 Pink-footed Geese [heading east, 10:10].

Rainworth - 60 Pink-footed Geese [heading north-east, 10:02].

Thursday 28th November

Stoke Ferry - Common Sandpiper [still present opposite the Ferry Boat].

Wednesday 27th November

Attenborough Nature Reserve - 2 Cattle Egret [in the Coneries roost, with 23 Little Egret, late afternoon].

Lowdham - Hawfinch [over to the east, 15:20].

Lound [Idle Valley Nature Reserve] - 2 Marsh Harrier [male and female, Tiln North, this afternoon]; also several Redpoll in with Goldfinch flock.

Hoveringham - 2 Stonechat [Sailing Lake].

Tuesday 26th November

Langford Lowfields - GREAT WHITE EGRET, 2 Marsh Harrier [Cream-crowns], 5 Red-crested Pochard [4 drakes, phase 1] 2 Shelduck.

Clumber Park - 2 Raven [over Clumber bridge, 10:15].

Clifton Grove - Merlin [flew through the Weir field, 08:05].

Monday 25th November

Attenborough Nature Reserve - Cattle Egret [single in the Coneries roost, late afternoon].

Netherfield Lagoons - 4 Green Sandpiper [on the new workings, late afternoon], c.2000 Starling [roosted in the Slurry Lagoon reed-bed].

Collingham Pits - 82 Whooper Swan [12 juveniles, in field between Ferry Lane and the Trent].

Barton in Fabis - 3 Cattle Egret [Birdguides report of three on flood west of the village].

Lound [Idle Valley Nature Reserve] - GREAT WHITE EGRET, Marsh Harrier, Water Rail [Tiln North, this morning].

Sunday 24th November

Kilvington Lakes - 2 Short-eared Owl [flew north over West Lake, 14:00].

Lound [Idle Valley Nature Reserve] - 7 BEARDED TIT [Chainbridge Scrape, viewable from the Chainbridge Scrape viewpoint, 12:40 at least], 3 Whooper Swan [2 adults/1 juvenile dropped into Chainbridge Scrape West, 11:22], GREAT WHITE EGRET, Marsh Harrier [Chainbridge Scrape East], Stonechat [Tiln North], Curlew [over Tiln North], Yellow-legged Gull [Neatholme Scrape roost]; also Pintail.

Misson to Idlestop - 2 BEWICK'S SWAN, 150+Whooper Swan, Golden Plover, Raven].

Thoresby Park - Merlin [briefly, heading east this afternoon].

Barton in Fabis/Thrumpton - 2 Cattle Egret [still present on the west side of the village, late morning at least], 8 Whooper Swan [adults, flew into the large field towards Thrumpton, viewed from Trentside, c.11:15].

Holme Pierrepont - Long-tail Duck [juvenile, still on A52 Pit, late morning].

Collingham Pits - 61 Whooper Swan [in field between Ferry Lane and the Trent, this morning]; also Marsh Harrier, GREAT WHITE EGRET.

Langford Lowfields - 2 Marsh Harrier [cream-crowns], Green Sandpiper, Dunlin, 4 Stonechat.

Kirklington - Blackcap [feeding on apples in private garden]; also Marsh Tit.

Saturday 23rd November

Barton in Fabis - 2 Cattle Egret [still on flood west of the village, late afternoon], Peregrine, Stonechat [from the A453 Balancing Pond].

Lound [Idle Valley Nature Reserve] - Curlew [over Tiln North, 15:02].

Thoresby Park - 2 Hawfinches [south calling, 14:22], GREAT WHITE EGRET [still on Perlthorpe flood].

Holme Pierrepont - Long-tail Duck [juvenile, still on A52 Pit, 12:30 at least].

Clumber Park - Hawfinch [single seen in flight, 12:30].

Netherfield Lagoons - 2 Green Sandpiper [on the new workings, this morning].

Worksop - Raven [heading east over Mansfild Road, 08:10].

Friday 22nd November

Langford Lowfields - 16 pink-footed Geese [over], GREAT WHITE EGRET, 10000+ Starlings, 400 Fieldfare, BITTERN, 5 Whooper Swan [in field to north of reserve].

Attenborough Nature Reserve - 2 Pintail [drakes, Clifton Pit, 13:44], 5+Tree Sparrow [visitor centre feeders].

Thoresby Park/Perlthorpe - GREAT WHITE EGRET [Perlthorpe flood, 12:20 - 12:50 at least]; also Little Egret, Kingfisher.

Lound [Idle Valley Nature Reserve] - HEN HARRIER [ringtail, Tiln North], Marsh Harrier [Tiln North], 3 Stonechat [pair by the river and third in brambles next to Chainbridge Lane

Hoveringham - 6 Goldeneye, Green Sandpiper, Dunlin, 70 Golden Plover, 2 Stonechat [Sailing Lake, this morning], Pintail, Aythya hybrid Tufted Duck x Pochard [Railway Pit].

Clumber Park - 2 Hawfinches [next to the chapel, this morning].

Thursday 21st November

Osberton Estate - GREAT WHITE EGRET [on flooded fields], 80 Pink-footed Geese [moving north-west, 08.20] , 5 Corn Bunting, 3 Raven.

Wednesday 20th November

Langford Lowfields - Eastern Stonechat [first-winter male, still present in reeds on Phase Two. Flooding is still ongoing on the reserve which remains closed with water levels being higher than yesterday, viewing is possible but very distant and extremely difficult overlooking Phase 2 from the floodbank river path].

Attenborough Nature Reserve - 60 Golden Plover [heading south, 15:19], Pintail [drake, Clifton Pit, 15:46], 30 Goosander [Clifton Pit, 16:26].

Collingham Pits - 5 Whooper Swan [with Mutes in field between Carlton Ferry Lane and Westfield Lane].

Lowdham - Red Kite [over Nottingham Road towards the river, 14:30].

Budby - Red Kite [soaring over Budby Village, 13:50], Stonechat [single male, on the northeast corner of the common, 12:00].

Tuesday 19th November

Langford Lowfields - Eastern Stonechat [first-winter male for its fourth day, showing in reeds on Phase Two, 14:40 at least; overall thoughts are it's a maurus rather than stejnegeri, although this debate will be ongoing].

Please be aware that the reserve is still closed due to flooding: Access by parking in the reserve car park and follow the perimeter path north past Phase One and loop back along the floodbank path at Cromwell Lock, continue along the floodbank path and view over Phase Two].

Hoveringham - CASPIAN GULL [second-winter, in the Railway Pit roost this evening].

Costock - Woodcock [Holy Cross, in the woodland area, 15:00].

Barton in Fabis - 2 Cattle Egret [still present in flooded paddock west of the village, 12:00 - 13:00].

Lound [Idle Valley Nature Reserve] - BITTERN [Tiln North, on the south-east side, 11:17], HEN HARRIER [ringtail again Tiln North], BEARDED TIT [male, still Tiln North].

Bennerley Marsh - c.60 Golden Plover [midday].

Budby Pumping Station - 133 Pink footed Geese [65 north-west 09:40, 66 north-west 09:45, 2 south-west 09:42], Merlin, 2 Raven, female Goldeneye.

Monday 18th November

Netherfield Lagoons - BEARDED TIT [heard from the Slurry Lagoon reedbed]; c.5000 Starling [into roost in the Slurry Lagoon reedbed, this evening]; also Green Sandpiper.

Girton Pits - WATER PIPIT [on the Trent floodbank by the fishermans carpark, this afternoon].

Beeston Weir - Merlin [over stubble field behind Beeston Weir field].

Attenborough Nature Reserve - 2 Raven [over Coneries, 13:30], Water Rail [Delta Hide].

Lound [Idle Valley Nature Reserve] - Short-eared Owl, BEARDED TIT, 2 Stonechat [Tiln North].

Cotham Flash - 72 Common Snipe, 12 Jack Snipe [on flooded hill top]; also Short-eared Owl, 4 Raven, 8 Grey Partridge.

Gotham - 2 Raven [over the village].

Holme Pierrepont - Stonechat [Blotts Pit], 6 Goldeneye [Rowing Lake], 8 Little Egret [Horse paddock at the traffic lights on the A52 junction].

Hoveringham - Chiffchaff [Sailing Lake].

Bulwell - 5 Whooper Swan [Blenhiem Ind Estate, over south, low and calling 04:30].

Sunday 17th November

Harworth Pit Tip - 4 Short-eared Owl.

Barton in Fabis - 2 Cattle Egret [still on riverside flood with Little Egrets, south-west of the village, early afternoon], Brambling [along Trentside, within Chaffinch flock], Stonechat [A453 Balancing Pond], c.60 Pink-footed Geese [south-west over the A453, late morning].

South Muskham - GREAT WHITE EGRET [on pits just south of the A1, 13:21].

Holme Pierrepont - juv Long-tailed Duck, 2 BLACK-NECKED GREBE [still present on the A52 Pit, late morning at least].

Lound [Idle Valley Nature Reserve] - HEN HARRIER [ringtail briefly, Tiln North, 11:13].

Gringley Carr - 2 BEWICK'S SWAN, 205 Whooper Swan [still from Carr Lane, early morning].

Saturday 16th November

Harworth Pit Tip - 5 Short-eared Owl, 3 Woodcock, 7 Common Snipe.

Kilvington Lakes - Short-eared Owl [over rough grassland at the back of West Lake late afternoon].

East Leake - Woodcock [flying north, over fields in SW East Leake, to the west of the Gotham road. 16:40].

Barton in Fabis - 2 Cattle Egret [on riverside flood with Little Egrets, south-west of the village, 13:00], 2 Stonechat [pair, A453 Balancing Pond].

Holme Pierrepont - juv Long-tailed Duck, 2 BLACK-NECKED GREBE [still present on the A52 Pit, early afternoon].

Worksop - c.40 Whooper Swan [heading east, 11:30].

Lound [Idle Valley Nature Reserve] - 14 Whooper Swan, 85 Pink-footed Geese [over], 1000 Lapwing, 4 Ruff, Dunlin, Golden Plover [all Clayworth Common floods, this morning], BEARDED TIT [male, Tiln North, this morning]; also 2 Stonechat, Marsh Harrier].

Budby Pumping Station - 6 Whooper Swan [heading east, 10:15], 40 Pink-footed Geese [over south-east, 10:55].

Annesley Pit Top - 50 Pink-footed Geese [north, 10:15].

Hoveringham - 6 Little Egret, 3 Goldeneye, 6 Lapwing, Common Redshank, 2 Stonechat, 8 Meadow pipit [Sailing Lake] 450+ Fieldfare and 20 Redwing [in from the SW in small groups, over two hour period, to feed on hedges along Causeway Dyke].

Gringley Carr and Idlestop - 2 BEWICK'S SWAN, 262 Whooper Swan [from Carr Lane], c.300 Wigeon, 2 Pintail, 800 Teal, 2 Marsh Harrier, Water Rail, 2 Green Sandpiper.

Friday 15th November

Costock - Woodcock [Holy Cross, in nettlebed, then flew into woodland, 15:00].

Holme Pierrepont - Long-tailed Duck [juvenile], COMMON SCOTER [drake] 2 BLACK-NECKED GREBE [present on the A52 Pit, early afternoon].

Langar - c.200 Pink-footed Geese [heading east just south of Langar, 10:30]; also 200+Golden Plover [200+ flock heading south and another smaller flock very distant to the east beyond Barnstone].

Lound [Idle Valley Nature Reserve] - BEARDED TIT, 2 Stonechat, 15 Golden Plover, 4 Ruff, 5 Dunlin, Common Redshank.

Kilvington Lakes - Marsh Harrier [cream crown, West Lake, 10:00].

Wollaton Park - 5+Ring-necked Parakeet, 9 Goosander, 2 Red-crested Pochard.

Thursday 14th November

Holme Pierrepont - Juv Long-tailed Duck, BLACK-NECKED GREBE [still present on the A52 Pit].

Wednesday 13th November

Langford Lowfields - 2 GREAT WHITE EGRET, 4 Water Rail, 10,000 Starling [please note that most of the reserve has had to be closed due to flooding. Only the section between the Beach Hut and the 360° Viewing Screen is still open].

Hoveringham - 460 Pink-footed Geese [skeins of 200, 80 and 180 totalling 460 moving north-east], GREAT WHITE EGRET, 3 Red Kite, 70 Golden Plover, 2 Stonechat [Sailing Lake]

Collingham Pits - 46 Whooper Swan [39 adults and 7 juveniles].

Bennerley Marsh -28 Golden Plover [midday].

Cotham Flash 60+ Common Snipe at least 15 JACK SNIPE [on flooded hilltop by cycle track]; also 2 Stonechat in area.

Lound [Idle Valley Nature Reserve] - BEARDED TIT [south-east corner of Tiln North, this morning]; 3 GREAT WHITE EGRET [single on field adjacent to Tiln North, 2 Bellmoor Lake].

Tuesday 12th November

Spalford Pig fields - 3 CASPIAN GULL [sub-adult, third-winter and the long staying yellow ringed second-winter German bird seen at Dunham Pools, Langford Lowfields etc], 17 Yellow-legged Gull [seven ad/sub ad, three second-winter, one third-winter, six first-winter]; also 500+ LBB Gull, 15 GBB Gull, 19 Herring Gull, 10 Shelduck, Dunlin, Green Sandpiper.

Hoveringham - 13 Little Egret [area generally], 2 Stonechat [Sailing Lake]

Monday 11th November

Hoveringham - GREAT WHITE EGRET, Little egret [on dykes towards village], juv Whooper Swan, 4 Pochard, 2 female Goldeneye, 1 female Goosander, 6 Lapwing, Common Snipe [Sailing Lake this afternoon].

Clumber Park - Raven [on the Chapel tower, this afternoon].

Lound [Idle Valley Nature Reserve] - HEN HARRIER [ringtail again at the south end of Tiln North, this morning].

Sunday 10th November

Netherfield Lagoons - 5000 Starling [roosted in the Slurry Lagoon reed-bed].

Langford Lowfields - 30 Pink-footed Geese [over north, 13:20].

Lound [Idle Valley Nature Reserve] - c.100 Pink-footed Geese [Hayton Common, feeding on stubble field].

Collingham Pits - 34 Whooper Swan [34 adults and 6 juveniles].

Harworth Pit Tip - c.80 Pink-footed Geese [heading east], 14 Grey Partridge, 5 JACK SNIPE, c.20 Snipe, 2 SHORT-EARED OWL, c.10 Skylark, c.25 Meadow Pipit, c.10 Goldfinch.

Osberton - 25 Pink-footed Geese [on the deck with Greylag flock, this afternoon].

Bennerley Marsh - 2 Raven [midday].

Clumber park - c.300 Pink-footed Geese [moving south-east in 3 Skeins, this morning].

Southwell - 160 Pink-footed Geese [heading north-east, 10:00].

Worksop - c.200 Pink-footed Geese [heading east, 09:50].

Harlow Wood - c.220 Pink-footed Geese [c.70 over south east, 09:45 and c.150 same direction 10:45].

Budby Pumping Station - 93 Pink-footed Geese [over north-east, 09:35].

Barton in Fabis - 4 Stonechat [pair, A453 Balancing Pond and second pair along Trentside].

Saturday 9th November

Collingham Pits - 2+BEARDED TIT [calling from the Silt Lagoon reed-bed, late afternoon].

Netherfield Lagoons - c.5000 Starling [roosed in the Slurry Lagoon reed-bed], 2 Green Sandpiper [on the new workings].

Langford Lowfields - BITTERN [Phase 2, this afternoon].

Lound [Idle Valley Nature Reserve] - HEN HARRIER [ringtail, Tiln North late morning].

Gringley Carr - 100+ Pink-footed Geese [flying over near The Pumping Station, this morning], 6 Whooper Swan, pair Stonechat, 6+ Corn Bunting [along Carr Road].

Lenton - 14 Goosander [on Highfields University Park boating lake].

Holme Pierrepont - Juv Long-tailed Duck, 2 BLACK-NECKED GREBE [still present on the A52 Pit, this morning].

Friday 8th November

Holme Pierrepont - Juv Long-tailed Duck, female COMMON SCOTER, 2 BLACK-NECKED GREBE [A52 Pit, late afternoon].

Attenborough Nature Reserve - 200 Pink-footed Geese [heading east over Clifton Pit, 16:54].

Bennerley Marsh - 2 Raven [midday].

Gringley Carr - 2 BEWICK'S SWAN, 92 Whooper Swan [along Carr Lane, viewed from Ings Lane, 11:15].

Hoveringham - 3 female COMMON SCOTER, 11 Little Egret, 2 Peregrine, Stonechat [Sailing Lake]..

Langford Lowfields - BITTERN, 2 Stonechat, 3 Shelduck.

Stoke Ferry - Common Sandpiper [still on the riverside].

Thursday 7th November

Gringley Carr - 120 Whooper Swan.

Bennerley Marsh - c.85 Golden Plover [this morning].

Wednesday 6th November

Attenborough Nature Reserve - Cattle Egret [flew in from Barton in Fabis to roost on Coneries, 15:30].

Lound [Idle Valley Nature Reserve] - HEN HARRIER [ringtail, flew east over Chainbridge viewpoint, this afternoon]; also 2 Marsh Harrier, 2 Stonechat, Golden Plover.

Idle Washlands - 3 GREAT WHITE EGRET, Marsh Harrier, 4 Stonechat [Slaynes Lane].

Farnsfield - Raven [calling and flying north to south, 14:30].

Collingham Pits - 30 Whooper Swan [25 adults, 5 juveniles feeding on rape field off Ferry Lane, mid afternoon; with 81 Mutes and Black Swan].

Holme Pierrepont - Long-tailed Duck [juvenile, still on the A52 Pit, 13:19].

Hoveringham - COMMON SCOTER [female, still on the Sailing Lake, this morning].

Barton in Fabis - Cattle Egret [still present on Cottages Flash/riverside fields, 11:57 - 15:00 at least].

Tuesday 5th November

Harworth Pit Tip - Snow Bunting [on the Pit Tip late afternoon]; also GREAT WHITE EGRET [on fields on the opposite side of the A1].

Collingham Pits - 15 Whooper Swan [feeding on rape field off Ferry Lane, early-afternoon].

Budby - 150 Pink-footed Geese [over north, 11:49], Green Sandpiper [high north, calling, 14:36].

Beckingham Marshes - 2 Whooper Swan, 50 Common Snipe.

Langford Lowfields - 13 Goldeneye, 2 Stonechat.

Idle Washlands - 4 GREAT WHITE EGRET [Slaynes Lane, 09:47], Marsh Harrier, Stonechat [Slaynes Lane], 13 Pink-footed Geese [heading south].

Monday 4th November

Holme Pierrepont - Long-tailed Duck, 2 BLACK-NECKED GREBE [A52 Pit, late afternoon].

Spalford Pig fields - CASPIAN GULL [first-winter, this afternoon].

Idle Washlands - 2 GREAT WHITE EGRET, Stonechat [Slaynes Lane, this afternoon].

Hoveringham - COMMON SCOTER [female, still present on the Sailing Lake]; also 60 Golden Plover.

Thorpe in the Glebe - Woodcock.

Barton in Fabis - Cattle Egret [single still present, late morning].

Kilvington Lakes - GREAT WHITE EGRET [West Lake, on spit, 10:09].

Sunday 3rd November

Idle Washlands - 40+Whooper Swan [Misson east flood, then flew towards Gringley Carr], 110 Pink-footed Geese [heading east], Marsh Harrier, 2 Little Egret, Ruff, Stonechat, Cetti's Warbler [Misson east flood], 40 Pink-footed Geese [south-east over Slaynes Lane], Little Egret, 4 GREAT WHITE EGRET, Marsh Harrier, Short-eared Owl, Stonechat [all Slaynes Lane], 4 Little Egret [Hagg Lane Flash].

Attenborough Nature Reserve - BEARDED TITS [still present Clifton Pit, from Tower hide].

Spalford Pig fields - CASPIAN GULL [second-winter], c.800 LBB Gull, 10 Herring, 15 Yellow-legged Gull, 4 GBB Gull; also 2,000+ Starlings, 30 Tree Sparrow, Green Sandpiper.

Lound [Idle Valley Nature Reserve] - WOOD SANDPIPER, 16 Common Snipe, 2 Ruff, Redshank [Chainbridge Scrape], 6 Whooper Swan [Chainbridge Pit], GREAT WHITE EGRET [Neatholme Scrape], Ruff [Neatholme Fen].

Holme Pierrepont - Long-tailed Duck, 2 BLACK-NECKED GREBE, ROCK PIPIT [on the A52 Pit, this morning].

Hodsock Priory - Merlin [female hunting Skylarks, north of Hodsock Priory].

Bevercotes - FIRECREST [caught and ringed, Bevercotes pit wood, this morning].

Barton in Fabis - Cattle Egret [single still present, 09:00 - early afternoon], Merlin [low over Cottages Flash, towards the ANR], Stonechat [near Cottages Flash].

Bennerley Marsh - c.250 Pink-footed Geese [over south-east, 08:30]; also single Little Egret.

Saturday 2nd November

Lound [Idle Valley Nature Reserve] - WOOD SANDPIPER [Chainbridge Scrape East, 16:24]; also GREAT WHITE EGRET.

Hawton - 6 Whooper Swan [in field south of Pyketts Farm, 16:15].

Clifton Pastures - c.60 Pink-footed Geese [still feeding on stubble near the Fairham Brook this afternoon, but flushed by Peregrine and flew west, 13:45].

Barton in Fabis - Cattle Egret [single, on flooded riverside fields near Cottages Flash, 12:40], GREAT WHITE EGRET [briefly on flood, then flew east, 14:50]; also Stonechat [A453 Balancing Pond].

Collingham Pits - 32 Whooper Swan [17 adults and 5 juv's, in fields west of Ferry Lane Lake, 12:55 also 4 adults and 6 juv's at the end of Carton Ferry Lane], Ruff, 4 Curlew [on flooded fields north of Cromwell Quarry, late afternoon].

Attenborough Nature Reserve - BEARDED TITS [still Clifton Pit, 08:44 at least].

Holme Pierrepont - Long-tailed Duck, 2 BLACK-NECKED GREBE [still present on the A52 Pit, 08:00].

Friday 1st November

Lenton - GREAT WHITE EGRET [feeding in the dark with a Grey Heron, on the newly created tottle brook pond in highfields university park, 16:00 - 18:00 at least].

Attenborough Nature Reserve - Swallow [over Clifton Pit, 16:28].

Hoveringham - COMMON SCOTER [female still present on the Sailing Lake], GREATER SCAUP [juvenile still Railway Pit]; also drake aythya hybrid [Tufted Duck x Pochard, still on the Railway Pit].

Langford Lowfields - 2+ BEARDED TITS, 7 Goldeneye, 5000 Starling, 2 Water Rail, 3 Cetti’s Warbler. Please note that the boardwalk and floating bridge had to be closed today due to very high water levels.

Lound [Idle Valley Nature Reserve] - GREY PLOVER [over Tiln North, 09:50, then Chainbridge Scrape East, 11:00].

Clifton - Peregrine [feeding on pigeon on a window ledge on the 19th floor of the South Church Court flats].

Burton Joyce - Brambling [in private garden].

Shireoaks - Hoopoe [still present, just over the county boundary in S.York's].

Many thanks to:

Stephen Bacon, Merv Bartle, Bob Beck, Paul Buxton, Robin Brace, Don Cameron, Darren Chapman, Alan Clewes, John Colclough, Susy Cooper, Carl Cornish, Peter Cottam, Ian Cowgill, Nick Crouch, Martin Cutler, Jacqueline Dennison, Del Evans, John Gallagher, Indy Kiemel Greene, Stuart Davenport, Rod Dean, John Ellis, Peter Freeman, Steve Furber, Joe Harris, Judith Harrison, Gary Hobson, John Hopper, Sister Mary Julian CHC, Kate Kilby, Spencer Lawrence, Michael Leatherland, Ian Livsey, Jonathan Lloyd, David Lumb, Andy Merrick, Dave Morton, Suzanne Nelson, Dean Nicholson, Raymond Parker, Peter Playle, Simon Roberts, Chris Robinson, Neil Sainthouse, Alan Scrimshaw, Andy Shooter, Keith Smith, Simon Smith, Glen Thomas, Simon Thomson, David Tyldesley, Jonathan Waite, Leigh Watson, Steve Watson, Douglas Whall, Will Woods, Rob Woodward.

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