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March 2005


Thu 31st Mar: Colwick CP - Sand Martin[150+], Swallow[2 to the east], Chiff-Chaff[2]
Thu 31st Mar: Bulwell - 100ish Waxwings in Camberley Road, Bulwell, Nottingham.
Thu 31st Mar: Attenborough - Sand Martin C150[clifton pit],Swallow X1,Oystercatcher X2,Shelduck X2
Thu 31st Mar: Attenborough - 3 Common Scoter [Clifton Pit], 4 Common Terns [North Coneries], female Red crested Pochard, c12 Sand Martins, Snipe[Clifton Pit], Blackcap, Willow Warbler.
Thu 31st Mar: Arnold - 1 Tree Pipit briefly singing from birch trees on Douro Drive before flying off east.
Wed 30th Mar: Netherfield - Little Egret on the Lagoons.
Wed 30th Mar: Lenton - c80 Waxwings on Lenton Lane Nottingham directly across Clifton Boulevard from Show Case Cinema
Wed 30th Mar: Attenborough - Common Tern X1,Sand Martin C150,Fieldfare X4.
Tue 29th Mar: Moorgreen Reservoir - Chiffchaff
Tue 29th Mar: Bulwell - c60 Waxwings on Camberley Road.
Tue 29th Mar: Bennerley Viaduct - Chiffchaff
Tue 29th Mar: Attenborough - Willow Warbler [Nr to the Marina] , 2 Willow Tits, 1 or 2 Lesser spotted Woodpeckers [North side of the Delta wood]
Tue 29th Mar: Attenborough - Redshank[works beach],Sand Martin C100[clifton
pit@17.30],Common Tern X1,Oystercatcher,Peregrine,Blackcap.
Mon 28th Mar: Wysall - 2 X Buzzard N.end Rempstone Lane being harrassed by 3 Crows. 2 x Red Legged Partridge in field W.of A60 road.
Mon 28th Mar: Mill Lakes, Bestwood - 50+ flock of Redpoll @ 10:00
Mon 28th Mar: Bestwood CP - Common Buzzard and 40+ flock of Linnet off Lamins Lane, top end of Bestwood CP @ 12:50
Mon 28th Mar: Attenborough - Common Tern,Oystercatcher X2,Sand Martin C40,Blackcap X2,Willow Warbler X2,Grey Partridge X2
Sun 27th Mar: Holme Pierrepont - pm, 80+ sand martin, pair little ringed plover, 1 wheatear, c30 goldeneye, teal, widgeon, 2 redshank, chiffchaffs, lots of meadow pipit and pied wagtail, a few reed bunting,1 goldcrest, 3 shelduck.
Sun 27th Mar: Holme Pierrepont - At the Water Sports Centre: @08:15 Good numbers of
SWALLOWS at top end of main (NW corner) of rowing course. Also: 4 Bullfinches and Green Woodpecker.
Sun 27th Mar: Attenborough - Whooper Swan[Tween pond],Common Tern X1,Blackcap X2,Willow Warbler,Oystercatcher X4,Shelduck X2,Redwing,Goosander,Goldeneye,Snipe,Red Legged Partridge,Sand Martin C40.
Sat 26th Mar: Linby - Brambling, with Chaffinches, in the village
Sat 26th Mar: Beeston - 50+ Waxwings Bramcote Ave, opposite the shops
Sat 26th Mar: Attenborough - Common Tern X2[clifton pit],Blackcap X2,oystercatcher X2,Sand Martin X5
Sat 26th Mar: Annesley PitTop - Shelduck[4], Little-Ringed Plover[1].
Fri 25th Mar: West Bridgeford - c. 100 Waxwings in a tree in
a garden in Melfordhall Drive, West Bridgford at 11.50 a.m.
Fri 25th Mar: Nuthall - c50 Waxwings @ 07.00, Apollo Drive junction with Low Wood Road, Hempshill Vale, Nuthall.
Fri 25th Mar: Normanton-on-Trent - Single House Martin feeding over rape fields
Fri 25th Mar: Netherfield - Male Bearded Tit, Netherfield Lagoons at east end of Slurry Lagoon in reedbed.
Fri 25th Mar: Giltbrook - House Martin
Fri 25th Mar: Colwick - 100 Waxwing at the junction of Colwick Loop road and Victoria road.
Fri 25th Mar: Colwick CP - Water Rail[green railings], 2 Chiff Chaff, Willow Warbler[1-singing], 4 Gadwall, Wigeon[14 flying east], Argentinian Blue Bill[drake].
Fri 25th Mar: Clumber Park - Great Grey Shrike on south Lawns
Fri 25th Mar: Attenborough - Tree Sparrow, 2x Buzzards south of river, Shelduck and male Goldeneye (Coneries), Reed
Bunting, 2x Sparrowhawks in mid-air tussle over Beeston pond. Shoveler scattered throughout.
Fri 25th Mar: Attenborough - Little Ringed Plover[works beach],Curlew [over],Woodcock[over],Blackcap[river path,behind clifton pit],Little Egret[sth side,landing in heronery],shelduck,snipe,willow warbler,willow tit,Redwing X6[strand],Buzzard X4,Red crested pochard+ Bahama pintail[barton lane car park],Chiffchaff around reserve,Sand Martin X14,Oystercatcher
Thu 24th Mar: Ruddington - Common Buzzard flying North @ 1315
Thu 24th Mar: Huthwaite - 2 Ringed Plover on waste ground off Common Road.
Thu 24th Mar: Barkestone - White Chaffinch, 1300 hrs
Thu 24th Mar: Annesley Pit Top - Twite
Thu 24th Mar: Attenborough - Bittern[wet marsh],Willow Warbler[wet marsh path],Fieldfare X2,Willow Tit,Shelduck,Red Crested Pochard[Barton Lane car park],Bahama Pintail,Sand Martin,Snipe X4[delta]
Thu 24th Mar: Attenborough - Cetti's Warbler(behind the church), 9 Sand Martins [Clifton Pit], 2 Oystercatchers [Clifton Pit], Willow Warbler [river side of Clifton Pit], Male Wheatear [Barton Fields].
Wed 23rd Mar: Nuthall - 20 Waxwings at Low Wood Road, Hempshill Vale, Nuthall, @ 0830
Wed 23rd Mar: Lound - Swallow @ 0900 by the Tarmac Works
Wed 23rd Mar: Lound - Pintail on Neatholme Scrape, 2 Dunlin from viewpoint and 25 Cormorants.
Wed 23rd Mar: Huthwaite - 2 Ringed Plover.
Wed 23rd Mar: Gamston - 50 Waxwing in grounds of Lings Bar Hospital opposite Safeway at Gamston, West Bridgford
Wed 23rd Mar: Cotham Flash - Drake Garganey
Wed 23rd Mar: Bulwell - c100 Waxwings Camberley Road, Bulwell, @ 0730
Wed 23rd Mar: Attenborough - Willow Warbler between old car park and river
Wed 23rd Mar: Attenborough - Pink Footed Goose X11[clifton pit],Buzzard X6,Lesser Spotted Woodpecker[female,Meadow lane],Sand Martin.
Wed 23rd Mar: Attenborough - 3 Wheatears [Barton Fields], 9 Pink foot Geese [Barton Fields], 2 Common Buzzards [overflying the Delta Wood], Snipe [Delta], Shelduck [Clifton Pit], 8 singing Chiffchaffs
Tue 22nd Mar: Nuthall - Mornington Crescent, Nuthall -- 2 male Blackcap in garden
Tue 22nd Mar: Mapperley - [Old] Mapperley Hospital, Main Entrance off Porchester Road: C100 Waxwings, feeding on Rowans to Right of Main Entrance. Roosting in
Large Trees approx 100x Right - close to Porchester Pub.
Tue 22nd Mar: Budby Common - Woodlark - at least 5 in the rain, Mandarin - pair flushed from the pond, Curlew - 3 SE 12.15pm
Tue 22nd Mar: Attenborough - Sand Martin c50[over Tween Pond,17.15],Snipe X2,Buzzard X2.
Mon 21st Mar: Wollaton Park - Great Spotted Woodpecker - 1 seen, several heard drumming, Green Woodpecker - 1 feeding on ground near car park, 1 other seen excavating hole in tree near golf club. Numerous Nuthatch, Jay and finches and tits.
Mon 21st Mar: Rainworth Waters - 1800hrs -- One Chiffchaff and one Common Buzzard.
Mon 21st Mar: Nottingham Race Course - Snipe[3], Reed Bunting[4].
Mon 21st Mar: High Marnham - 40 Fieldfare heading west.
Mon 21st Mar: Fountaindale - Chiffchaff [2 singing], Siskin [8 with 1 singing], Willow Tit
Mon 21st Mar: Dunham-on-Trent Lakes - 6 Shelduck, 6 Shoveler, 2 Oystercatcher, Redshank, Gadwall, still good numbers of wintering Ducks.
Mon 21st Mar: Colwick CP - Water Rail[green railings], Goldeneye[1f.], Pochard[1 f.], Tree Creeper[2], Meadow Pippit[8], to the east.
Sand Martin[7]to the north-west.
Mon 21st Mar: Carlton-on-Trent - Singing Chiffchaff
Mon 21st Mar: Bulwell - @ 13.20. Camberley Road, Bulwell, Nottingham. - c 100 Waxwings.
Mon 21st Mar: Attenborough - Not just new human visitors to the reserve,Red Breasted Goose[visitor centre],Bahama Pintail [clifton pit].
Mon 21st Mar: Attenborough - 10 Pink footed Geese [Main Pit], 6 singing Chiffchaffs.
Sun 20th Mar: Netherfield - Goosander[2], Shelduck[1], Dunlin[1], Little-Ringed Plover[1], Wheatear[2], Stonechat[2 males].
Sun 20th Mar: Netherfield - Chiff Chaff 5, Stonechat 2 males, 2 Wheatears (male plus female), Little ringed Plover, Dunlin.
Sun 20th Mar: Hoveringham - Railway Pit/New Workings...Redshank[3], Shelduck[3], Goosander[15], Oystercatcher[1], Tawny Owl[1], Short-Eared Owl[2].
Sun 20th Mar: Attenborough - Sand Martin X18 and Curlew[over clifton pit],Shelduck,Chiffchaff\'s singing around reserve,Oystercatcher X2,Meadow Pipit X28[Wheatear field].
Sat 19th Mar: Holme Pierrepont (Blotts) - Redshank[6], Ruff[1], Snipe[3], Chiff Chaff and a single Stonechat[M].
Sat 19th Mar: East Leake - Buzzard circling wood near British Gypsum.
Sat 19th Mar: Cotgrave CP - Brambling [7-ish]to the north east
Sat 19th Mar: Costock - 40 Greylag Geese small pond by Costock-Wysall road also a Kingfisher flew along small stream Wysall-Keyworth road.
Sat 19th Mar: Bulwell - c100 Waxwings on Camberley Road, Bulwell,@ 14.00
Sat 19th Mar: Bulwell - 14:00hrs 200+ Waxwings - Camberley Road
Sat 19th Mar: Bennerley Marsh - Lesser spotted Woodpecker.
Sat 19th Mar: Attenborough - Wheatear[works pond beach.09.45],Lesser spotted woodpecker[male+female],Red legged partridge X2,Grey Partridge X2,Chiffchaff\'s around reserve,Buzzard,Shelduck X2.
Sat 19th Mar: Attenborough(Erewash Field) - Stonechat at about 12 o\'clock.
Fri 18th Mar: Keyworth - Male Ring Ouzel, British Geological Survey grounds, Keyworth Notts NG12.
In the morning. Bird in good condition, feeding on lawns.
Fri 18th Mar: Colwick CP - Water Rail + Chiff Chaff + Goldcrest[2]+ Goldeneye[5]+ Pochard[1..fem.]+ Sand Martin[2]+ Butterflies,Peacock,Brimston,Small Tortoishell and Comma. Also 3 Snipe on the Racecourse.
Fri 18th Mar: Bulwell - @13.05. Camberley Road, Bulwell, Nottingham. - 80 ish Waxwings, also Ludford Road, Bulwell, Nottingham. - 13 Waxwings.
Fri 18th Mar: Attenborough - Lesser Spotted Woodpecker[male,L Meadow],Buzzard,Oystercatcher,Treecreeper,willow tit,Red Legged Partridge X2,Shelduck.Chiffchaff X3 singing.Brimstone and Peacock butterflies.Also large bat species,over Barton Island[approx 13.00 hrs].
Fri 18th Mar: Attenborough NR - left of the delta gates . Lesser spotted
Woodpecker turned up at 17.05 once again. There were times when the Lesser and Greater were within a metre of each other and both could be seen in the scope or binoculars at the same time.
Thu 17th Mar: Watnall - @ 14:55hrs, 65/70 Golden Plover - Watnall - field west of M1 motorway - opp Moorgreen Show site. 3 Grey Partridge, 1 Skylark singing
Thu 17th Mar: Mapperley, Nottigham - @ 13:30 hrs 20+ Waxwings feeding on Rowans to Right of Main Entrance of [Old]
Mapperley Hospital, top of Porchester Road
Thu 17th Mar: Holme Pierrepont - 4pm mild but windy, A52 pit, 3 sand martins making haste to the west, 8 goldeneye, 25 shoveller, 2 redshank, 1 shelduck, 400+ widgeon.
Thu 17th Mar: Colwick Woods - Common Whitethroat at the Greenwood Rd.entrance + Great Spotted Woodpecker[3 pairs], Green Woodpecker[2 pairs], + Nuthatch[1 pair]
Thu 17th Mar: Cinderhill - @ 08.00, Skylark heard calling and soaring
over Cinderhill pit top.
Wed 16th Mar: Nuthall - 20/25 Waxwings @ 12:15 on Nuthall Island (M1) - Central reservation - near junction with Low Wood Rd.
Wed 16th Mar: Clumber Park - Great grey Shrike on South Lawn, AM
Tue 15th Mar: Nuthall - c30 Waxwings, Low Wood Road and the junction of Apollo Drive, Hempshill Vale @ 1245.
Tue 15th Mar: Bulwell - 20ish Waxwings, Low Wood Road (Hempshill Vale end), 0845.
Mon 14th Mar: Nuthall - Male and female Reed Bunting visiting bird table in Mornington Crescent.
Mon 14th Mar: Bulwell - Low Wood Road (Hempshill Vale end) 08.45,
20 ish Waxwings.
This is a dangerous road, please be careful.
Mon 14th Mar: Bulwell - 60ish Waxwings at The Limekiln Pub, near Blenheim
Industrial Estate, Bulwell, Nottingham at 13.10, also a Goldcrest at Highbury Vale, 1250.
Mon 14th Mar: Attenborough - Attenborough Nature Reserve, Delta, left of green gate. During a 7 hour wait for the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (pair), also saw lots of Greater Spotted Woodpeckers and a Green Woodpecker. 2 Mistle Thrush, Willow Tit, 2 Buzzards, Sparrow Hawk, Kestrel and 12 more common species. Interestingly the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker turned up at 17.05 hrs just the same time as last
Thursday. A rare Woodpecker hat - trick.
Sun 13th Mar: Rainworth - 150 to 200 Waxwings on Preston Road/Tippings Wood, from 0700 onwards til midday at least.
Sun 13th Mar: Hucknall - 1 male Reed Bunting in summer plumage plus a Jay.
Sun 13th Mar: Bestwood Mill Lakes - Mealy Redpoll
Sun 13th Mar: Attenborough - Oystercatcher,possibly 6 birds,including last year\'s one footed individual.
Sun 13th Mar: Attenborough - Bittern [Delta, 1045am], Lesser spotted Woodpecker [Delta Wood Gate, also mid AM], Water Rail.
Sat 12th Mar: Wollaton - Bramcote Lane Wollaton, 35 Waxwings (near shops again)
Sat 12th Mar: Colwick CP - Lesser spotted Woodpecker[Nature Reserve] + around the park -- 12 Reed Bunting,most in breeding plumage.
Sat 12th Mar: Clumber Park - Great grey Shrike on the South Lawn
Sat 12th Mar: Attenborough - Lesser spotted woodpecker,Curlew,Dunlin
Fri 11th Mar: Attenborough - Drake Pintail,Wigeon X35.
Thu 10th Mar: Strelley - 40+ Waxwings again just off the A6002 in Strelley near the Nottm Business Park at 7.15 am, also 2 Buzzards over Strelley Church and large numbers of Redwing and Fieldfares, with two Yellow Hammers in one flock.
Thu 10th Mar: City Centre - peregrine perched on Newton Building overlooking South Sherwood Street at lunchtime
Thu 10th Mar: Attenborough - Lesser spotted Woodpecker [delta], Bittern [Delta hide]
Wed 9th Mar: Strelley - 22 Waxwings at 7.20 am on trees near to the petrol station on Woodhouse Way (A6002) strelley.
Wed 9th Mar: Old Clipstone - 70-80 Waxwings at Old Clipstone today, by the Telephone box.
Wed 9th Mar: Nottingham - Nottingham City Centre - Newton Building [Trent University] Peregrin Falcon - singleton.
Wed 9th Mar: Bulwell - 11 Waxwings on Ludford Road at 07.05.
Wed 9th Mar: Attenborough - Chiffchaff x2,Shelduck X2,Goldeneye X21,Willow Tit,Ringed Plover[over clifton pit],Snipe X2.
Wed 9th Mar: Attenborough - 4 Chiffchaffs[Toton sewage works], Short eared Owl[Erewash Meadow]
Tue 8th Mar: Nottingham (Ladybay) - c100 Waxwings in trees next to Ladybay Bridge at 7.40 am
Tue 8th Mar: East Leake - 50 FIELDFARE feeding field n.Brickyard Lane, GREEN WOODPECKER also feeding,flew off W, 4 x RED LEGGED PARTRIDGE feeding
Tue 8th Mar: Attenborough - 4 Lesser spotted Woodpeckers[Delta]
Mon 7th Mar: Old Clipstone - At least two Waxwings in trees at Old Clipstone all day, feeding on Cotoneaster berries with Redwings.
Mon 7th Mar: Bulwell - 10 Waxwings on Camberley Road, Bulwell, Nottingham at 13.15
Mon 7th Mar: Attenborough - Short Eared Owl,Shelduck,Grey Partridge,Male Sparrowhawk observed feeding on pigeon kill.
Mon 7th Mar: Attenborough - Female Lesser Spotted Woodpecker just east of the Delta gate and a Sparrowhawk circling overhead (9.50am)
Sun 6th Mar: Strelley - Approx 30 Waxwings in tree on the A6002 at 1500
Sun 6th Mar: Moorgreen - 2 Common Buzzard, Beauvale Priory, Long Lane, Moorgreen at 11.00
Sun 6th Mar: Kingsmill Reservoir - Adult summer plumage Mediterranean Gull at 3.30pm
Sun 6th Mar: East Leake - 0830am 80 Fieldfare feeding in Brickyard Lane, north side field near bridge. 5 x Red legged Partridge as above - field near small lake.
Sat 5th Mar: Nuthall - two Male Reed Buntings in gardens between Mornington Crescent and Gunnersbury Crescent at approx 08:00
Sat 5th Mar: Nottingham - Victoria Embankment-- Pink-Footed Goose + Pink-Foot x ? hybrid.
Sat 5th Mar: Mansfield - 150+ Waxwings at the Eakring Road/Oak Tree Lane area at 0900-1030.
Sat 5th Mar: Kinoulton - Common buzzard flying low over A46 at Owlthorpe Wood
Sat 5th Mar: Cotham - 2nd winter Iceland Gull on the tip.
Sat 5th Mar: Attenborough - Lesser Spotted Woodpecker[male],drumming to at least one other bird[delta].Chiffchaff[singing on bund].Shelduck,willow tit x2,snipe x3,waxwing x4[opp reg vardy,chilwell].
Sat 5th Mar: Attenborough - On the Delta, Snipe, 2 Water Rail.
Sat 5th Mar: Attenborough(New Workings) - 2 Short-Eared Owl, 11 Goosander, 3 Egyptian Geese + Flocks of Redwing moving through to the east...
Fri 4th Mar: Colwick Race Course - Peregrine Falcon.
Fri 4th Mar: Colwick C.P. - Water Rail by the green railings.
Fri 4th Mar: Arnold - 100+ Waxwings at 1500 hrs Kilbourne Road area.
Thu 3rd Mar: East Leake - 100 Lapwing, 100 Fieldfare in fields North of Brickyard Lane, Common Buzzard south of Brickyard Lane, 2 Grey Herons.
Thu 3rd Mar: Attenborough - Red Legged Partridge X5,Pair of Stonechat,Chiffchaff,Buzzard X2,Willow tit,Shelduck.
Thu 3rd Mar: Attenborough - 6 Shoveller, 7 Goosander, 15 Teal, 3 Willow Tit, 2 Greater spotted Woodpecker, 1 Lesser (until now \'never\') spotted Woodpecker (delta gates), bitter but sunny afternoon.
Thu 3rd Mar: Arnold - 3 Common Buzzards to the SW at 1330
Wed 2nd Mar: Wollaton - Female Blackcap in garden at Ringwood Crescent eating food smeared on the bark of a poplar tree.
Wed 2nd Mar: Wheatcroft island, Melton Rd - adjacent ploughed field from Flawforth Lane, 11.30 am, 500+ golden plover, snow overnight nearly all melted.
Wed 2nd Mar: Tippings Wood, Rainworth - 30 Waxwings at 0730hrs
Wed 2nd Mar: Mansfield - 100+ Waxwings near Tesco, Oak Tree Lane.
Wed 2nd Mar: Cotham - First winter Glaucous Gull and second winter Iceland Gull.
Tue 1st Mar: Welbeck - Adult Caspian Gull in the afternoon on the Great lake.
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