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July 2005


Sun 31st Jul: Stoke Bardolph Sewerage Works - 6 Green Sandpipers
Sun 31st Jul: Normanton-on-Trent Holmes - Lapwing 100+, Sand Martin 250+, 3 juvenile Yellow Wagtails.
Sun 31st Jul: Netherfield Ash Lagoons - Gargany [fem]
Sun 31st Jul: Hoveringham - (Railway Superpit) - 2 Oystercatchers, Hobby.
Sun 31st Jul: Holmepierepont (Blotts) - 16 Dabchick [most easterly pit], Greenshank, Common Sandpiper, Ringed Plover.
Sun 31st Jul: Colwick Country Park - Red crested Pochard [fem.] 2 Spotted Flycatcher.
Sun 31st Jul: Bestwood Mill Lakes - Goosander x 3, Hobby x 1, Buzzard x 1, Ruddy Duck x 4
Sat 30th Jul: Kinoulton - Juvenile Yellow Wagtail, Lesser Whitethroat and Chiffchaff in garden near church.
Sat 30th Jul: Gotham - Marsh Harrier over Gotham Moor.
Sat 30th Jul: Clifton - Green Woodpecker on South Church Drive.
Sat 30th Jul: Bestwood Mill Lakes - @12:00; Goosander x 3 (Fem/Juv) still present at 4:00pm. Common Sandpiper.
Sat 30th Jul: Attenborough - Arctic Tern [Works Pit], Western Yellow-Legged Gull, Common Sandpiper [+ 5 more just over the border in Derbys.], Oystercatcher [Sailing Pit], Little ringed Plover [ 1 ad. 1 juv. both on Clifton Pit]
Fri 29th Jul: Dunham-on-Trent Lakes - Oystercatchers, Barn Owl, the numbers of Coot and Mute Swan increasing
Fri 29th Jul: Basford - Seen c. 9.15 p.m. : several waves of (noisy) Herring Gulls over Basford, Nottingham, going west.
Fri 29th Jul: Attenborough - Yellow Legged Gull,LRP x2
Wed 27th Jul: Holme Pierrepont - 2 redshank on Blott's pit early evening.
Wed 27th Jul: Attenborough - Little Egret on freshmarsh, 2 Turnstones, Little ringed Plover, Dunlin, 2 Tree Sparrows around Clifton Pit.
Tue 26th Jul: Newark Industrial Estate - Hunting Barn Owl.
Tue 26th Jul: Clumber Park - Yellow legged Gull
Tue 26th Jul: Attenborough - Turnstone x2,LRP x2,Dunlin x7,Common Sandpiper,Y.L.Gull,Little Owl,Grasshopper Warbler.
Mon 25th Jul: Netherfield Ash Lagoons - Female Garganey
Mon 25th Jul: Hoveringham - Little Egret on the new workings.
Mon 25th Jul: Attenborough - Y.L.Gull,Dunlin x5,Turnstone x2[clifton pit],Common Sandpiper,LRP x2,Goldeneye,Little Owl[juv],Buzzard.
Sun 24th Jul: Annesley Pit Top - Hobby, Common Buzzard, Hobby, 5 Shelduck, 2 Common Sandpiper[1 ad.1 juv]
Sat 23rd Jul: attenborough - Dunlin,LRP x2,Oystercatcher,Common Sandpiper,Snipe.
Sat 23rd Jul: Holme Pierrepont (Blotts' Pit) - 3 Little ringed Plovers
Fri 22nd Jul: Attenborough - LRP x2,Common Sandpiper,Yellow Wagtail,Y.L.Gull,Snipe,Dunlin x2,Goldeneye.
Thu 21st Jul: Attenborough - LRP,Snipe,Common Sandpiper,R.C.Pochard[female],Y.L.Gull.
Tue 19th Jul: Mansfield Woodhouse - An adult Hobby over gardens at 7.49am chasing House Martins!
Tue 19th Jul: Dunham-on-Trent Lakes - 6 Common Sandpipers, 3 Oystercatcher, 4 Shelduck, female Sparrowhawk With 3 juveniles.
Tue 19th Jul: Attenborough - Curlew[clifton pit],LRP x2,Common Sandpiper x3,Oystercatcher.
Mon 18th Jul: Maun Valley Trail, Mansfield - High flying Raven -- "Cronking"
Mon 18th Jul: Attenborough - Crossbills x13[over clifton pit calling,heading SW at 12.30],LRP x3,Common Sandpiper x3,Y.L.Gull.
Sun 17th Jul: Stoke Sewerage Farm - 5 Green Sandpipers
Sun 17th Jul: Netherfield - 2 Little-Ringed Plover, Dunlin, Lesser Whitethroat, 3 reeling Grasshopper Warblers , Argentinian Blue Billed Duck, c 200 Lesser Black-Backed Gulls[all age groups].
Sun 17th Jul: Hoveringham-Railway/Big Pit - Little Egret, 2 Oystercatchers, 2 Common Sandpipers.
Sun 17th Jul: Attenborough - Little Egret [Clifton Pit], Yellow Legged Gull,LRP x3[juv's],Common sandpiper x3,Oystercatcher.
Sat 16th Jul: Normanton-on-Trent - Oystercatcher, Curlew, Lapwing 100 plus,
Sat 16th Jul: Hoveringham GPs - Little Egret
Sat 16th Jul: Attenborough - LRP x7[5 juvs],Common Sandpiper,Oystercatcher x2,Buzzard
Fri 15th Jul: Dunham-on-Trent Lakes - Shelduck 4, Little ringed Plover, Common Sandpiper 2, Yellow Wagtail.
Fri 15th Jul: Attenborough - LRP x3,Ringed Plover[juv],Oystercatcher,Common Sandpiper,Buzzard,Pochard x4.
Thu 14th Jul: Attenborough - Yellow Legged Gull,R.C.Pochard[female].
Thu 14th Jul: Attenborough - LRP x10[inc 6 juv's]
Wed 13th Jul: Hockerton Dumble - Between 7 PM and 9PM 1 x Kingfisher, 35 x Long-Tailed Tits, 1 x Common Buzzard.
Wed 13th Jul: Dunham-on-Trent Lakes - Oystercather, Shelduck, 4 Little ringed Plover.
Wed 13th Jul: Budby - 20 Crossbills over
Wed 13th Jul: Attenborough - Y.L.Gull,Oystercatcher,LRP x4.
Tue 12th Jul: Nottingham - 2x Grey Wagtails still present Nottm. city centre.
Tue 12th Jul: Netherfield - 6 Yellow-legged Gulls on the Ash Lagoon.
Tue 12th Jul: Hardwick Village, Clumber Park - Common Buzzard
Mon 11th Jul: Mansfield Woodhouse - Female Marsh Harrier slowly drifting west, early morning.
Mon 11th Jul: Attenborough - Yellow Legged Gull[returning bird,sailing pit],LRP x2,Dunlin,Redshank,R.C.Pochard,Common Gull[adult],Grasshopper Warbler x4[Reeling,Erewash Field].Common Sandpiper.
Sun 10th Jul: Old Sawley - Male and Female Hobby feeding on insects, two Sparrowhawks and two Kestrels, early evening, again over Old Sawley.
Sun 10th Jul: Moorgreen Reservoir - Large numbers of Chiffchaffs and a Lesser Whitethroat.
Sun 10th Jul: Annesley Pit Top - 4 Shelduck, Common Sandpiper, Green Sandpiper, Little ringed Plover, Ringed Plover.
Sat 9th Jul: Old Sawley - Female Hobby, two Sparrowhawks early evening over Old Sawley, near river Trent
Sat 9th Jul: Hucknall - Male Sparrowhawk very high over garden - plummeted to earth to take a House Sparrow off lawn.
Fri 8th Jul: Colwick Country Park - Chiffchaff, Blackcap, Garden Warbler, Lesser Whitethroat, Spotted Flycatcher, Common Sandpiper
Fri 8th Jul: Attenborough - LRP x4,Yellow Wagtail,R.C.Pochard.
Thu 7th Jul: Lound - Greenshank
Thu 7th Jul: Hucknall Garden - Long-tailed Tit (10/12) Willow Warbler (1/2) Dunnock Chaffinch - female Kestrel Magpie Great Tit (3/4 juv) Blue Tit (3/4 juv and adult) Black Headed Gull (2 - flying northeast) Greenfinch (4/5) Starling House Sparrow (6/8) Swift (10+) Balckbird Collared Dove Song Thrush - singing
Thu 7th Jul: Colwick Country Park - 5 Grey Wagtails,2 Spotted Flycatchers, Common Sandpiper.
Thu 7th Jul: Attenborough - Probably a immature Night Heron around the Works Pit in the morning.
Thu 7th Jul: Attenborough - Black Tailed Godwit[works beach],Dunlin x2,LRP x4,Yellow Wagtail[juv],Buzzard x2
Wed 6th Jul: King's Mill Reservoir - 2 Black necked Grebes, near sailing club in the morning.
Wed 6th Jul: Gringley Carr - Quail - 1 calling 10.45am, Marsh Harrier - female with tail feathers missing, Corn Bunting - 6 singing males, Yellow wagtail - several juvs, Lapwing - 80, Golden Plover - one with Lapwings.
Tue 5th Jul: King's Mill Reservoir - Black necked Grebe x 2, Redshank.
Tue 5th Jul: Bestwood (Mill Lakes) - Hobby, House Martin x 40, Sand Martin x 30, Swift x 12, Swallow x 10
Mon 4th Jul: King's Mill Reservoir - 2 Black necked Grebes in the SW corner.
Mon 4th Jul: Colwick Country Park - Tawny Owl, Grey Wagtail, 3 Chiffchaff, 2 Garden Warbler, Blackcap, Lesser Whitethroat, c.9 Common Whitethroat, c.8 Lesser Black Backed Gulls, 1 Great Black Backed Gull, Red-Crested Pochard[eclipsed male]
Mon 4th Jul: Attenborough - LRP X7,Buzzard X3,Redshank,Yellow Wagtail[juv],R.C.Pochard[female,clifton pit].
Sun 3rd Jul: Hoveringham - Green Sandpiper [New Workings]
Sun 3rd Jul: High Marnham power station - Juvenile Peregrine now free-flying and can be seen either on pylons or cooling towers.
Sun 3rd Jul: Blidworth Woods - Coal Tit, Goldcrest, Wood Lark
Sun 3rd Jul: Beeston Weir, Clifton side - Singing Corn Bunting, Yellow Wagtail, feeding young.
Sun 3rd Jul: Barton - Two Adult Common Buzzards with juvenile.
Sun 3rd Jul: Attenborough - Goldeneye
Sun 3rd Jul: Annesley Pit Top - 4 Shelduck, 2 Ringed Plover, 4 Little ringed Plover, Grey Partridge
Sat 2nd Jul: Hoveringham - On the Railway Pit -- Little ringed Plover, Tawny Owl. On the very New Workings -- 2 Ringed Plover,2 Green Sandpipers,1 Oystercatcher.
Sat 2nd Jul: Hoveringham..Sailing Pit - 3 Oystercatchers,3 Egyptian Geese,2 Redshank.
Sat 2nd Jul: Attenborough - 2 Oystercatchers [Clifton Pit], female Sparrowhawk, 2/3 newly fledged Common Terns.
Fri 1st Jul: Attenborough - Grasshopper Warbler x2 at least[erewash field,reeling],willow tit,Female Cuckoo.
Fri 1st Jul: Attenborough - 4 Little ringed Plover, Oystercatcher, 2 Lesser Whitethroats, Common Buzzard + 2 displaying on fence posts across the river
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