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February 2006


Tue 28th Feb: Whatton - Male Brambling in a Whatton Garden.
Tue 28th Feb: Welbeck - 8+ Common Buzzards, female Goshawk.
Tue 28th Feb: Ravenshead - no sign of the Demoiselle Crane where seen yesterday .
Tue 28th Feb: Penny Pasture/Eakring Meadows - 3 Jack Snipe, 28 Common Snipe
Tue 28th Feb: Nuthall, - Common Buzzard being mobbed by crows, the south of the A610.
Tue 28th Feb: Nottingham - Hunting peregine around Victoria centre.
Tue 28th Feb: Holme Pierrepont - Two Barn Owls hunting by the A52 at around 0645.
Mon 27th Feb: Welbeck Lake - Goshawk, 2. Buzzard, 9
Mon 27th Feb: Sherwood Pines - 4 Crossbills in the car park.
Mon 27th Feb: Ravenshead - 1 Demoiselle Crane metal ring on left leg) at Ravenshead this morning, first seen by Tony Wardell at c. 9-00 a.m
Mon 27th Feb: Nottingham - Peregrine perched on Newton building at around 0830am
Mon 27th Feb: Holme Pierrepont - One male and 3 Redhead Smews.
Mon 27th Feb: Colwick CP - Pair of Red-crested Pochards
Mon 27th Feb: Attenborough - 2 female Scaup [Main pit], 2 Shelducks [Works Pit], c10 Siskin [Delta].
Sun 26th Feb: Whatton - Brambling in a garden PM, also 12 Tree Sparrows.
Sun 26th Feb: Sherwood Pines - Good views to within 10 feet of 6 - 8 Crossbills feeding and drinking from the guttering of the food hut in the visitor's centre.
Sun 26th Feb: Rufford CP - White Blackbird, but no Hawfinches seen.
Sun 26th Feb: Dunham Lakes - Oystercatcher, Redshank, Snipe, 300 Wigeon, 10000 Starlings in roost over village.
Sun 26th Feb: Clifton Grove - singing Brambling in the Alder Plantation, also small numbers of Siskin and 21 Bullfinch. Water Rail showing well on wet marsh near Holme Pit. Egyptian Goose in fields near small pond.
Sun 26th Feb: Attenborough - Siskin c20,lesser redpoll,Shelduck x3.
Sun 26th Feb: Attenborough - 32 Goosander, 4 female Scaup [main pond], Bittern [17:50 - Delta].
Sat 25th Feb: Holme Pierrepoint - Barn Owl on A52 verge @ 00:30
Sat 25th Feb: Attenborough - Redhead Smew[tween],Scaup x3[main pond],Siskin x20,Shelduck x4,snipe,Shovelar x38[works].
Fri 24th Feb: Arnold - 1 Woodcock standing on the road edge between Burntstump Country Park and
Papplewick Pumping Station.
Thu 23rd Feb: Welbeck - adult Caspian Gull from raptor watch point 1215
Thu 23rd Feb: Rufford CP - at least 12 Hawfinches around the main car park 1115am
Thu 23rd Feb: Nottingham - 37 Waxwings on Beechdale Road. Across from Foxton Gardens sign halfway up Beechdale road, between 7.30 and 8.30.
Thu 23rd Feb: City Centre - Peregrine, male and female, flying over South Sherwood Street at lunchtime
Wed 22nd Feb: Sherwood Pines FP - 5 Common Crossbills between the car park and the "go Ape" area at 11.30am
Wed 22nd Feb: Nottingham - 28 Waxwings on Beechdale road today from 14.00 until 15.10 across from Foxton Gardens sign halfway up Beechdale road. were feeding on tree at bus stop
Wed 22nd Feb: Attenborough - Scaup x4[main pond],Siskin,Shelduck x2,R.C.Pochard[Tween].
Tue 21st Feb: Sherwood Pines FP - 3 Crossbills around the car park @ 0930am
Tue 21st Feb: Rufford CP - 0830am 14 Hawfinch
Tue 21st Feb: Normanton on Trent - Ringtail Hen Harrier on track from road to anglers car park @ 4.15pm
Tue 21st Feb: Fountaindale - Male Mandarin in company with white "call duck".
Mon 20th Feb: Welbeck - Caspian Gull late morning, also the dark bellied Brent Goose present.
Mon 20th Feb: Sherwood Pines FP - c10 Common Crossbills around the "Go Ape" area, close to the visitor centre at around midday.
Mon 20th Feb: Rufford CP - At least 3 Hawfinches in the trees around the main car park, late morning. Also one overflying Common Crossbill, Marsh Tits and a few Siskins. The White Blackbird is also still present around the staff car park area.
Mon 20th Feb: Colwick CP - male & female Red-Crested Pochard, Tree Creeper, 6 Linnet, 6 Siskin, 5 Goldeneye, 4 Wigeon.
Sun 19th Feb: Sherwood Pines FP - Up to 20 Common Crossbills around visitor centre in trees above the adventure playground, (including one pair mating).
Sun 19th Feb: Sherwood Forest CP - One Hawfinch was seen in the trees by the Craft Centre car park.
Sun 19th Feb: Nottingham - Peregrine on Newton Building, in the afternoon.
Sun 19th Feb: Lound - The drake Smew was still present on Walters Lane Pit, but was tucked up in the vegetation on the bank next to the lane.
Sun 19th Feb: Linby Trail - 35 Lapwing with 35 Golden Plover overflying.
Sun 19th Feb: Hoveringham - 2 Black necked Grebes still on the sailing lake.
2 Oyster catchers on the river Trent.
Sun 19th Feb: Holme Pierrepont - Stonechat on Trent footpath 200yards upstream of Nottingham Sailing Club.
Sun 19th Feb: Clifton Grove - 1 Brambling , 30+Siskin, and 2 Lesser Redpoll in the alder plantation. 7 Lesser Redpoll and 23 Siskin feeding on alders on the edge of clifton wood. 2 Stonechats on fence posts behind Holme pit. 70+Meadow Pipit in fields behind Holme pit. 7 Teal ,6 Gadwall and 3 calling Water Rail on Holme pit
Sun 19th Feb: Bestwood Mill Lakes - c30 Siskin.
Sun 19th Feb: Annesley Pit Top - c35 Siskin, 3 Grey Partridge, c15 Skylark, 6 Meadow Pipits, 2 Snipe, 4 Shelduck, Buzzard
Sat 18th Feb: Skegby Bottoms - Kingfisher on tributary of River Meden - amongst dumped shopping trolleys and beer cans.
Sat 18th Feb: Sherwood Pines CP - Common Crossbill, 2 at least, in the trees around the car park.
Sat 18th Feb: Mansfield - Male Brambling in a Nottingham Road garden, plus up to 4 Siskin in garden through out day.
Sat 18th Feb: Lound - The local ringing group netted 70+ Eurasian Wigeon which included a hybrid bird resembling an American Wigeon. This bird, a male showing both American x Eurasian features has been present locally for a couple of months now and was photographed with a Eurasian bird for comparison
Sat 18th Feb: Holme Pierrepont - Sole brent goose on Trent midstream close main car park.
Sat 18th Feb: Eakring Meadows/Penny Pasture - 1 - Jack Snipe, 22 - Snipe.
Sat 18th Feb: Attenborough [Erewash Field] - 3 Short-Eared Owls.
Sat 18th Feb: Attenborough NR - Red head Smew [Tween pond], Adult Caspian Gull [16:20], Shelduck, Chiffchaff [Clifton Pit], female Red crested Pochard [Visitor Centre]
Sat 18th Feb: Attenborough NR - 2 Goosander (pair), 4 Grey Partridges, 2 Willow Tits, 41 Lapwing flying over in 3 flocks.
Fri 17th Feb: Welbeck Raptor Watchpoin - 12.30 - 13.30; 8 Common Buzzard, Male Goshawk,
1 Fem Peregrine Falcon.
Fri 17th Feb: Sutton-in-Ashfield - 500 Golden Plover in fields between Coxmoor Road and Sutton parkway; very active.
Fri 17th Feb: Sherwood Pines FP - 6+ Common Crossbills around the visitor centre late morning, including 3 males drinking from the guttering around the cycle centre.
Fri 17th Feb: Rushcliffe CP - nice group of siskin (60+) feeding on alders.
Fri 17th Feb: Rufford CP - 10.30 -12.00; 3+ Hawfinches (in trees down track to left of main car park).
Fri 17th Feb: Netherfield Lagoons - 2 Grey Wagtails, 2 Willow Tits [Ouse Dyke], 2 Sky Larks, 2 Shelduck [male+fem.], 140 teal, 30 Wigeon, 2 Stonechat [male+fem], Merlin [female - gully between Slurry Lagoon & fields].
Fri 17th Feb: Attenborough - Scaup x3[main pond],Shelduck x2,Siskin x12,Lesser Redpoll,Stonechat,Buzzard x2,Chiffchaff.
Fri 17th Feb: Attenborough [Erewash Field] - 1 Barn Owl showing very well hunting with 3 Short-eared Owls (the Barn becoming active later than the Short-eareds from c.17:30).
Fri 17th Feb: Attenborough NR - 1 male Brambling, female Red-crested Pochard, redhead Smew, 100+ Fieldfare, 1 Chiffchaff singing by railway track near Erewash Field and c.10 Siskins.
Thu 16th Feb: Sherwood Rise/Carrington - Male and female Blackcap feeding on Cotoneaster bush in garden of house in Ebury Road, Sherwood Rise/Carrington area of Nottingham. Present most of day. A male Blackcap has been a regular visitor since Christmas.
Thu 16th Feb: Langford Lowfield - 4 Pintail, 900 Northern Lapwing.
Thu 16th Feb: Hallcroft - singing Chiffchaff around the fishing pits in the morning.
Thu 16th Feb: Collingham G.P. and area: - 1 Common Buzzard, 1 Ringed Plover, 1 Common Redshank.
Thu 16th Feb: Attenborough - Scaup x2[Tween].
Wed 15th Feb: Sutton Bonington - 10 Tree Sparrows by feeder with 5 Yellow Hammers [Landcroft Lane opposite Agricultural College]. 6 Red Legged Partridges in field along Hungary Lane.
Wed 15th Feb: Rufford Country Park - No sign of any Hawfinches mid morning.
Wed 15th Feb: Gringley Carr - Flock of 41 Corn Buntings, 3 Stonechats (1m 2f) 134 Lapwing.
Wed 15th Feb: Dunham Lakes - 67 Mute Swans, Oystercatcher (first of the year),
1 Redshank, Kestrel.
Wed 15th Feb: Clayworth Common - 5 Whooper Swans.
Tue 14th Feb: Welbeck Lake - 7 Common Buzzards, plus dark breasted Brent Goose still there.
Tue 14th Feb: Sutton-in-Ashfield - 700+ Golden Plover wintering in fields between Coxmoor Road and Sutton Parkway.
Tue 14th Feb: Sherwood Pines - At least 2 Crossbills around the visitor centre.
Tue 14th Feb: Rufford CP - No Hawfinches seen in the main car park area late morning, but plenty of Siskins, 2 Marsh Tits, Treecreepers and Nuthatches.
Tue 14th Feb: High Marnham - 67 Golden Plover, 150 Fieldfare
Tue 14th Feb: Gringley Carr - 36 Lesser Redpoll, 100+ Corn Bunting, 2 Mute Swan.
Tue 14th Feb: Bilsthorpe - Immature Goshawk flying by the A614.
Mon 13th Feb: Wollaton Park - 2 Lesser spotted Woodpeckers drumming, 30-50 Siskins most days in alders by lakeside with Goldfinch and other finches, tits and Goldcrest. c30 Shovellers on the lake, also Greater spotted Woodpecker drumming most days over last 2 weeks.
Mon 13th Feb: Welbeck Lake - Dark breasted Brent Goose, an adult Caspian Gull which seems to commute between Welbeck and Clumber plus a Goshawk (both perched and in flight) and Chinese Black Pheasant.
Mon 13th Feb: Sherwood Pines - 6 to 12 Crossbills around the car park area, especially over the visitor centre.
Mon 13th Feb: Rufford Country Park - 9 Hawfinches, Nuthatch, Green and Great Spotted Woodpeckers, Coal Tits and Mistle Thrush all around the car park area.
Mon 13th Feb: Clumber Park - 2 Hawfinches near to the Chapel.
Mon 13th Feb: Attenborough - Scaup x2[main pond],Stonechat x3[1x erewash field,2x sth of river],Skylark x10[erewash field],Siskin x14[Bund],Buzzard,Shelduck[clifton pit],Several singing chiffchaff,s[sewage works]Fieldfare c100[sth of river].
Sun 12th Feb: Attenborough - 2 Chiffchaff, Goldcrest [both sailing pit], Bittern [17:30] + 1 Dropped in at 17:55 [both Delta].
Sun 12th Feb: Attenborough [Erewash Field] - 2 Sky Larks, Yellow Hammer [over], 1 Short-Eared Owl.
Sat 11th Feb: Rufford CP - c10 Hawfinch still in trees by the main car park.
Sat 11th Feb: Kirklington - 200 Fieldfares
Sat 11th Feb: Holme Pierrepont [Blotts' Pit] - 4 Smews (drake plus 3 red heads), 2 Stonechats.
Sat 11th Feb: Attenborough [Erewash] - 3 Sort eared Owls, 2 Snipe.
Sat 11th Feb: Attenborough NR - 38+ Goosander, female Scaup[Main Pond], female Red crested Pochard [Visitor Centre], 2 Snipe [Clifton Pit], Short eared Owl [over the Delta & towards Barton-17:30], Bittern [Delta-17:35].
Fri 10th Feb: Stoke Lock - 3 male Goosander [over] + 2 females feeding below weir.
Fri 10th Feb: Stoke Bardolph - 18 Tree Sparrows, 2 Yellow Hammers, c.50 Teal, c.350 Stock Doves, c350 Wood Pigeons.
Fri 10th Feb: Netherfield Lagoons - 2 Willow Tits, Goldcrest, Grey Wagtail, 2 Shelduck [Slurry Lagoon pm], also a Shelduck over Ouse Dyke, 6 Snipe, Tree Creeper, 25 Wigeon.
Fri 10th Feb: Dunham Lakes - 67 Mute Swans, 200 Wigeon, 2 snipe, 40 Fieldfares, 36 Reed Buntings, 10,000+ Starlings over village at evening roost.
Fri 10th Feb: Burton Meadows: - 90 Golden Plover [overflying], 8 Goldeneye.
Fri 10th Feb: Beeston Rylands - 50+ Yellowhammers, 30+ Reed Buntings, Sparrowhawk
Fri 10th Feb: Attenborough NR - Siskin, 28 Wigeon, Kingfisher [Beeston Pit]
Thu 9th Feb: Nottingham - 2 Peregrines.... safely tucked up for the
night... on Newton building.
Thu 9th Feb: Colwick CP - c.170 Lapwing, 6 Goldeneye, 10 Wigeon, Red head Smew [West Lake], 2 Goldcrests, 12 Linnets, single Siskin.
Thu 9th Feb: Beeston Rylands - Chiffchaff [sewerage works].
Thu 9th Feb: Annesley Bentinck - 2 Stonechats.
Wed 8th Feb: Hockerton, - 11am. Water rail at Hockerton Housing Project.
Wed 8th Feb: Basford - Chiffchaff in a Basford garden.
Wed 8th Feb: Attenborough - S.E.owl x2,and female Stonechat[erewash field],Shelduck[clifton pit],Barnacle Goose[coneries].
Wed 8th Feb: Attenborough NR - 4 Chiffchaffs [sewage works], 4 Buzzards displaying south of river.
Tue 7th Feb: Rufford CP - 2 Hawfinches, late morning around the main car park. 3 Goosanders on the lake.
Tue 7th Feb: Muskham GPs - 1 Red-necked Grebe, 1 Black-necked Grebe, 1 Kingfisher: [ allsouthermost pit adjacent to the A1].
Tue 7th Feb: Collingham GP - 3 Redshanks.
Tue 7th Feb: Bestwood CP - Common Redpoll, 1 with 50/60 Lesser Redpolls & C100 Siskin around pit top plantation.
Mon 6th Feb: Rufford Country Park - 2 Hawfinches in car park at 8:45am, 8 Hawfinch in main car park trees at Rufford Country Park at 11:30. 2 birds gave views as close as 20 feet. 20+ Siskin in Alders at side of
lake at 10:15
Mon 6th Feb: Rainworth Waters - Kingfisher and also a Woodcock
Mon 6th Feb: Gringley Carr - Merlin [fem/imm], Good number of Corn Buntings.
Mon 6th Feb: Clayworth Common - 6 Whooper Swans, 2 Bewick's Swans, Merlin fem/imm
Sun 5th Feb: South Muskham - On the fishing pit, 1 Red necked Grebe, then flew S at 12:25. c300 Wigeon.
Sun 5th Feb: South Muskham - 2 Black-Necked Grebes, Red-Necked Grebe.
Sun 5th Feb: Sherwood (Nottingham) - Blackcap on garden feeder in Sherwood.
Sun 5th Feb: Rufford - Still 6 Hawfinches present.
Sun 5th Feb: Penny Pasture/Eakring Meadows - 7 Snipes.
Sun 5th Feb: Netherfield lagoons - drake Mandarin, 1 Chiffchaff.
Sun 5th Feb: Lound - Negative news on both the Smew and Slavonian Grebe despite several visiting birders looking for them. A single Bar tailed Godwit early am from viewpoint which flew towards the back of the pit, (Peter Cottam). A few Brambling with chaffinch on Chainbridge Lane. Two Green Woodpeckers in the Chainbridge area.
2 Snipes on Chainbridge NR Scrape. A few Meadow Pipits over this morning.
Sun 5th Feb: Langford Lowfields - 70 Golden Plover, 10 Shelduck
Sun 5th Feb: Hucknall Garden - 2 Siskins (1 Male and 1 Female) feeding briefly on red peanut hanger.
Sun 5th Feb: Hoveringham (Sailing Pit) - Redshank, 2 Black-Neck Grebes
Sun 5th Feb: High Marnham - 250 Fieldfare, 125 Golden Plover , 1 Woodcock, 2 Green Sandpipers and 7 calling grey partridge at dusk
Sun 5th Feb: Gringley Carr - Female Hen Harrier.
Sun 5th Feb: Eakring Flash - 1 male Goosander (briefly this a.m.)
Sun 5th Feb: Colwick - 3 Waxwings by the "In for a Penny" Pub on Colwick Loop road early afternoon.
Sun 5th Feb: Clayworth Common - 10 Whooper and 9 Bewick's Swans.
Sun 5th Feb: Bestwood (Mill Lakes) - 93 Pink foot Geese moving NW. 14 Snipe, c50 Siskin.
Sun 5th Feb: Attenborough NR - 3 female Scaup, plus Little Egret [Tween Pond, between the old car park bridge and the Barton lane bridge].
Sat 4th Feb: Sutton Bonnington - Flock of 10 Tree Sparrows (@ 1200) with Siskin, Yellow hammer, Chaffinch, Long tailed Tits at feeder and local bushes along Landcroft Lane, around the Agricultural College
Sat 4th Feb: South Muskham - Red-necked Grebe and Black-necked Grebe on the largest fishing pit adjacent to the A1, plus one adult Mediterranean Gull at 14:00
Sat 4th Feb: Shelford Manor Pastures - Redshank 2, Wigeon c200, Greylag c200
Sat 4th Feb: Rufford Country Park - 5 Hawfinches in tall trees in main car park this morning. Been there for at least two weeks (up to 10 birds).
Sat 4th Feb: Lound - drake Smew still on Walter's Lane Pit, plus 11 Whooper and 8 Bewick's Swans on Clayworth Common and Neatholme Pits. Note. NWT/LBC organised Work party tomorrow clearing vegetation off the islands in from of Chainbridge viewpoint with disturbance inevitable.
Sat 4th Feb: Holme Pierrepont (Blotts Pit) - 4 Smew including 1 drake.
Sat 4th Feb: Attenborough - 14 Common Snipe [Clifton pit], 2 Shelduck [1 at Works pit and 1 at Clifton pit], 1 Lesser black backed Gull [Clifton pit].
Sat 4th Feb: Attenborough [Erewash Field] - Short eared Owl, Goldcrest, 2 Chiffchaffs.
Sat 4th Feb: Attenborough NR - 14 Goosander, Red crested Pochard [fem.], Bittern [Delta 12:45] & one dropped in @ 17:15, Water Rail, female Smew [Delta c1000], Shelduck [Works Pit].
Fri 3rd Feb: Netherfield Lagoons - 2 Grey Wagtails, Snipe, 4 Stonechats, Western Yellow-Legged Gull, 23 Meadow Pipits, 3 Goosander [over].
Fri 3rd Feb: Lound - Drake Smew at Lound today on Walter's Lane Pit with 10 Brambling at Walter's Farm. Please respect the privacy of the residents in the houses near the farm.
Fri 3rd Feb: Hucknall Garden - Male Reed Bunting feeding on ground with Chaffinches.
Thu 2nd Feb: Nottingham - Peregrine on Newton Building, Nottm. at 10.00 a.m.
Thu 2nd Feb: Nottingham - 36 Waxwings at Beechdale Baths at 1510.
Thu 2nd Feb: Nottingham - 0900 - 0945, Beechdale Baths, 31 Waxwings in trees in car park and surrounding area. Main berry tree in car park now almost bare, Waxwings feeding on berries on ground. Lots of Redwings and Fieldfare and a couple of Mistle Thrush in the same area.
Thu 2nd Feb: Lound - 9 Whooper Swan & 2 Bewick's (with 103 Mutes) [Clayworth Common], Pintail [Chainbridge Scape],
4 Goosander [Windsurf Pit], 3 Brambling [Walter's Farm]
Thu 2nd Feb: Gringley Carr - 60+ Golden Plover, c60 Fieldfare,
1 Common (Mealy) Redpoll [nr Pumping Station],
c20 Lesser Redpoll [nr Pumping Station],
c20 Corn Bunting [nr Pumping Station]
Wed 1st Feb: Nottingham - 31 Waxwings still at Beechdale Baths
Wed 1st Feb: Attenborough - Redhead Smew[Tween],Little Egret [Tween],Siskin x15[works path],Shelduck[works pit],R.C.Pochard[female on Church Pond].
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