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December 2004


Fri 31st Dec: Nottingham - Flock of c50 Waxwings in Hugerhill Road, St Annes
Fri 31st Dec: Holme Pierrepont Rowing Course - Immature male Long Tailed Duck on Holme Pierrepont rowing course at the 1250m marker,(1430).
Fri 31st Dec: High Marnham - Short-eared Owl, 14.30 by the signal box below power station,
Fri 31st Dec: Boots Head Office, Beeston - 50-60 Fieldfare gorging themselves on berries.
Fri 31st Dec: Attenborough - The Redhead Smew still on Tween Pond in the afternoon.
Fri 31st Dec: Attenborough - Sora still on its spit on Clifton Pit. Showing well 3 times in two hours this morning.
Fri 31st Dec: Attenborough New Workings - Drake Ring-necked Duck still present on the 1st pit to the west of the road, also a Short-eared Owl.
Thu 30th Dec: Clumber Park - Peregrine flew over the lake (1500)
Thu 30th Dec: Attenborough - Sora showed well in usual place,08.30 till 09.00.Redhead Smew on Tween pond.Goosander X26,Drake Goldeneye and Buzzard X2 south of river.
Thu 30th Dec: Attenborough (New Workings) - Ring-necked Duck still present on its favourite pit.
Wed 29th Dec: Ravensdale/Mansfield - Maun Vally Trail, Ravensdale/Mansfield, small group of Tree Sparrows, Kingfisher, Green and Great spotted Woodpecker
Wed 29th Dec: Misterton Carr - Bewick Swan - 13, Corn Bunting - 42, Kingfisher - 1.
Wed 29th Dec: Lound - Peregrine - imm male unsuccessfully hunting Stock Dove and feral pigeons for ten minutes on Clayworth Common. Merlin - female hunting Yellowhammers on Clayworth Common. Mute Swan - 131 together on Clayworth Common. Stock Dove - 49 on Clayworth Common. Pink-footed Goose - 1,500 flying NW.
Wed 29th Dec: Gringley Carr - Hen Harrier - ringtail, Merlin - male, Corn Bunting - 14.
Wed 29th Dec: Attenborough - Sora[showed well 11.00],Redhead Smew[Tween Pond],Goosander X45[Works Pit],Golden Plover c150[Works Beach].
Tue 28th Dec: Silverhill Park - c 70 Goldfinches.
Tue 28th Dec: Nuthall - 3 Waxwings at approx 13:30 (Mornington Crescent).
Tue 28th Dec: Nottingham City Centre - 300 Pied wagtail, Angel Row, Nottingham City Centre.
Tue 28th Dec: Hoveringham Sailing Pit - 5 Western Yellow-legged Gull, Hoveringham sailing Pit roost.
Tue 28th Dec: Gedling Tip - 1 p.m. Beautifully marked Buzzard adjacent to Lambley Lane and at base of tip slope. Later seen surrounded by magpies perched in top of hawthorn bush in field next to railway line at bottom of the hill.
Tue 28th Dec: Attenborough - Sora - showing well on the usual spit at approx 08:15., Bullfinch - horse field area, Buzzard - south of the river, Drake Goldeneye, 20+ Goosander, 200+ Lapwing.
Tue 28th Dec: Attenborough - Bittern in the Delta reedbed (seen from the bund), Greater Spotted Woodpecker near church, Kingfisher and 20 Goosander on the Works pond.
Tue 28th Dec: Attenborough - A Bittern showed well in front of Delta hide at Attenborough between 14:30 - 15:00. Nearby Goosander x 40+ on Works Pit.
Mon 27th Dec: Nottingham General Cemetary - Female Blackcap
Mon 27th Dec: King\'s Mill Reservoir - Chiffchaff
Mon 27th Dec: Hoveringham Sailing Pit - Adult Iceland Gull, drake Smew.
Mon 27th Dec: Holme Pieerpont Rowing Course - Long tailed Duck -- ranging around the 1000-1500m markers.
Mon 27th Dec: Gringlet Carr - 3.30pm Short-Eared Owl hunting by the Bailey Bridge.
Mon 27th Dec: Attenborough - Sora,[showing well on spit,at intervals],Short Eared Owl,Buzzard[south of river],Herring Gull,Shelduck,Golden Plover C70,Goosander X12,Drake Goldeneye
Mon 27th Dec: Attenborough - Sora still showing well this am in Clifton pit. Two Water Rails Delta area.
Sun 26th Dec: Skegby - Male Blackcap in Garden.
Sun 26th Dec: Netherfield - 3 Smew on the Lagoons.
Sun 26th Dec: Attenborough - Sora showing well on Clifton Pit in the afternoon at least, also on Clifton Pit, a Jack Snipe. Bittern also in the afternoon fron the Delta hide.
Sat 25th Dec: Attenborough - Sora showing well both morning and afternoon
Fri 24th Dec: Attenborough - Sora showing well this morning, on Clifton Pit
Thu 23rd Dec: Attenborough - Sora showing well on the new reedbed on Clifton pit.
Thu 23rd Dec: Attenborough - Sora and Jack Snipe on usual spit,Herring Gull,Goosander,Goldeneye
Thu 23rd Dec: Attenborough - 20 Goosander on works pond 11am
Thu 23rd Dec: Attenborough (New Workings) - Drake Ring neck Duck still present on the first pit to the west of Pasture Lane. Also 3 Corn Buntings.
Wed 22nd Dec: Harlow Wood - Woodcock -- 2 together, 30 Siskin
Wed 22nd Dec: Attenborough - Sora still present on Clifton Pit.
Tue 21st Dec: Attenborough - Sora spotted 08.20 half way down on the right side until 08.33 Showed really well. Also Sleeping Jack Snipe in same field of view!
Mon 20th Dec: Attenborough - Sora showed briefly at 14.00,Jack Snipe[probably x2],Water Rail,on Clifton Pit
Mon 20th Dec: Attenborough (New Workings) - Drake Ring-necked Duck on first pit on the west side of Pasture Lane (off Meadow Lane).
Sun 19th Dec: Welbeck Great Lake - Caspian Gull
Sun 19th Dec: Mansfield - Dipper on the River Maun by the the Hermitage Lane bridge.
Sun 19th Dec: Dunham-on-Trent Lakes - Good numbers of winter Ducks and Swans, including 1 Whooper Swan and 1 Black Swan. Also 1 Pink-foot Goose and 3 male Goosander plus Redshank.
Sun 19th Dec: Attenborough[New workings] - Drake Ring neck Duck still present on the first pit on the west side of Meadow Lane.
Sun 19th Dec: Attenborough - Sora showing very well both morning and afternoon, on Clifton Pit, Bittern (in the delta -- seen from the bund), Water Rail, Jack Snipe, 15 Goosanders, small flock of overflying Waxwings.
Sat 18th Dec: Hucknall - Grey Wagtail - feeding on lawn, Male Sparrowhawk, Coal Tit, Numerous Blackbird, Starling, Greenfinch, Blue Tit, Great Tit and 2 Goldfinch.
Sat 18th Dec: Attenborough[New workings] - Drake Ring-necked Duck still on the first pit to the west of Meadow Lane.
Sat 18th Dec: Attenborough - Water Rail
Sat 18th Dec: Attenborough - Sora showing extremely well this morning, in its usual site on the spit in the new reed-bed on the horse field side of Clifton Pit. Also a Bittern in the Delta.
Sat 18th Dec: Attenborough - 1 female Goldeneye on Church Pond, 3 Common Gull on Clifton Pond, 2 Kingfishers flying together at Delta Sanctuary, 50 ish flock of Greylag Geese flying over Clifton Pond.(all in the afternoon)
Fri 17th Dec: Nottingham City Centre - Roosting flock of c800 Pied Wagtails outside the Bell Inn Old Market Square.
Fri 17th Dec: Netherfield - Several Waxwings -- Victoria Street (midday)
Fri 17th Dec: Attenborough - Sora showing very well, almost continuously, between 10 and noon .
Thu 16th Dec: Colwick CP - Two Red-head Smews
Thu 16th Dec: Attenborough - Sora showed quite well,13.10 and 13.40,and briefly 16.00,Peregrine,Buzzard x 2[Sth of River]
Wed 15th Dec: High Marnham - 50 Golden Plover, 5 Grey Partridge, Green Woodpecker, plus Peregrine hunting around local fields, possibly one of the pair at High Marnham power station, which they started to blow up today, thus disturbing the birds.
Wed 15th Dec: Harlow Wood - Woodcock, c.20 Siskin, Willow Tit.
Wed 15th Dec: Dunham-on-Trent Lakes - Good numbers of Wigeon,Tufted,Pochard,Coot and Mute Swan, plus a single Pinkfoot feeding with the Mutes
Wed 15th Dec: Attenborough[New workings] - Drake Ring-neck Duck sill present on first pit on the west of Meadow Lane.
Wed 15th Dec: Attenborough - Sora still showing occasionally up to at least 09:00h
Wed 15th Dec: Attenborough - Sora still present in the new reedbed, Clifton Pit, but difficult to see.
Tue 14th Dec: Attenborough[New workings] - Ring-neck Duck still present.
Tue 14th Dec: Attenborough - Sora occasionally showing this morning, but generally not very cooperative. 300 Greylage Geese, Water Rail, Golden Plover, Goosander and Shelduck also around the complex.
Mon 13th Dec: Attenborough - Sora showing well intermittantly since dawn up to 1100am at least.
Mon 13th Dec: Attenborough - Sora showed well,feeding and bathing,approx 15m from assembled crowd ,around 13.30pm.Brief sighting shortly after further down the spit,and not seen again after going into undergrowth.
Mon 13th Dec: Attenborough(Erewash Field) - 4 Short-eared Owls, Stonechat.
Sun 12th Dec: Attenborough - Sora,found 13.40,clifton pit.Bird is an adult winter,and shows well on heavily vegitated spit between 2000 reedbeds
Sun 12th Dec: Attenborough (New Workings) - Ring-necked Duck, on first pit on the right over the flood bank down Meadow Lane.
Sat 11th Dec: Nottingham - 2 Peregrines -- on the Newton Building of Trent University.
Sat 11th Dec: Attenborough - Golden Plover C400,Goldeneye X7,Snipe X6, Male Blackcap,Shelduck
Sat 11th Dec: Attenborough(Erewash Meadows) - Two Short-eared Owls, Stonechat
Fri 10th Dec: Misson - Hen Harrier by the River Idle, plus two Short-eared Owls.
Fri 10th Dec: High Marnham - Golden Plover - 97, Grey Partridge - 5, Green Woodpecker.
Fri 10th Dec: Dunham on Trent Lakes - Good numbers of wintering birds, Wigeon - 400, Tufted Duck - 200, Coot - 200, Pochard - 15, G.C.Grebe, Little Grebe, Redshank
Fri 10th Dec: Attenborough - Bittern from delta hide (1215)
Fri 10th Dec: Attenborough(New Workings) - Drake Ring-necked Duck off Meadow Lane, also 10 Corn Buntings.
Thu 9th Dec: Attenborough - Golden Plover X62, Goosander X22,Water Rail.
Thu 9th Dec: Attenborough - Bittern in front of Delta hide (1100hrs), c23 Goosander, c300 Lapwing, 60 Golden Plover on works Pit.
Thu 9th Dec: Attenborough (New Workings) - 2 Stonechats.
Wed 8th Dec: Lound - 3 White-fronted Geese on Clayworth Common still today. Apparently these 3 (possibly 4 birds) have been in the area for about two weeks Access in a vehicle is not advisable due to poor condition of Chainbridge Lane due to heavy quarry traffic. Park near Lound village and walk the lane using Wellingtons or Boots.
Wed 8th Dec: Cotgrave Wood - 5+ Woodcock, 11 Redpoll.
Wed 8th Dec: Clumber Park - Great Grey Shrike, on heathland, by the sawmill
Wed 8th Dec: Attenborough[New workings] - Drake Ring-necked Duck, off Meadow Lane
Wed 8th Dec: Attenborough - Peregrine, 24 Goosander, Treecreeper, Water Rail
Tue 7th Dec: Lound - 3 White-fronted Geese on Neatholme Scrape (probably wild and on their own and not with greylags as other previous \'feral\' birds have been). Found by Roger Stevens
Tue 7th Dec: Hoveringham - 1st winter Iceland Gull
Tue 7th Dec: Clumber Park - Great grey Shrike (Opposite the Chapel)
Tue 7th Dec: Attenborough[new works] - 5 Snipe ringed (probably 15-20 present) Also, 3 Jack Snipe in the area 1 Short-eared owl & 2 Stonechat
Tue 7th Dec: Attenborough - Golden Plover X693[works Beach], Bittern,Goosander,Bullfinch X7
Mon 6th Dec: Wollaton Park - Good numbers of common duck (Wigeon, Tufted Duck, Mallard, Gadwall, Pochard), 3 Goosander: Winter finch flock building daily in alders by lake (mostly Goldfinches at present)
Mon 6th Dec: Farnsfield - 7 teal flew over, also seen - 1 little owl and 1 Common Buzzard. There has also been an influx of Bullfinches in the Rainworth area around Tippings Wood.
Mon 6th Dec: Dunham on Trent Lakes - 2 Redshank, 500 Wigeon, 20 Fieldfares.
Mon 6th Dec: Attenborough - Bittern[Delta 10.20], Goosander X22,
Mon 6th Dec: Attenborough - 500+ Golden Plover.
Sun 5th Dec: Clumber Park - Great Grey Shrike (Nr to the Chapel).
Sun 5th Dec: Chilwell - 21 Waxwing on Attenborough Lane in the afternoon.
Sun 5th Dec: Beeston Weir/Clifton Area - 3 Short eared Owls favouring fields behind Beeston Weir, also 2 Stonechats in the area.
Sun 5th Dec: Attenborough - Mid afternoon: 200-300 Golden Plover circling area, sometimes alighting at Works Pond. c30 Goosander on Main Pond. 2 Shelduck, 1 male Shoveler, 1 female Goldeneye. 2 Great spotted Woodpecker.
Sun 5th Dec: Attenborough - Golden Plover C500, Goosander X12, Water Rail, Goldeneye,Shelduck,Bullfinch X7
Sun 5th Dec: Attenborough - Golden Plover 300+; Lapwing 100+; Goosander 20+; good numbers of Goldeneye (mainly female).
Sun 5th Dec: Attenborough (New Workings) - Ring necked Duck on pit off Meadow Lane.
Sat 4th Dec: Attenborough - 2 Chiffchaffs near to Tween Pond
Sat 4th Dec: Attenborough (New Workings) - Drake Ring-necked Duck on pit off Meadow Lane
Thu 2nd Dec: Attenborough - Bittern[observed catching roach],Golden Plover C300,Short Eared Owl
Thu 2nd Dec: Attenborough(Erewash Meadows) - Short eared Owl (3pm-3.30pm)
Wed 1st Dec: Attenborough (New Workings) - Ring necked Duck, Corn Bunting, Stonechat
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